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Help with Contracting

The Contracting services supports questions around existing contracts, both with Strategic Suppliers as well as with department-specific or other types of contract needs. In addition, this service supports the need for a signature to confirm a proposed contract as well as requests to provide new contracts for products and services needed by the university community.


Help with Sourcing

The U-M Regents require that all transactions between $10,000 and less than $50,000 be reviewed by Procurement Services for compliance and best value. Transactions $50,000 and above, except as outlined in the Sole Source Process, Procurement Services will conduct a formal and structured competitive bidding process. The Sourcing service meets the university requirement by providing a RFP, RFI, or RFQ option for competitive bids, which are collectively referenced as RFx. The Sourcing service also supports requests for assistance with the Quote to Order process, as well as general questions about how to acquire needed products or services.

Process Orders

Help with Process Orders

The Process Orders service supports activities such as create, cancel, close copy or re-open purchase orders, as well as assistance for non-PO orders.

PCard/Travel Card Program Management

Help with PCard/Travel Card Program Management

PCards can be used for travel, hosting, and occasional supply purchases. They are ideal for individuals who have frequent travel and hosting expenses. The PCard is only for U-M business and all items purchased with it are the university’s property. The PCard should only be used by the person to whom it’s issued.

Travel Booking

Help with Travel Booking

Procurement Services manages the U-M Travel Program. Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP) is the university’s designated travel partner and offers employees access to U-M negotiated rates on airfare, hotels, rental cars, and more for business travel.

Property Control

Help with Property Control

The Support Asset Recording Service is operated by the Office of Property Control and is responsible for the university’s asset management program. The office works with U-M schools, colleges, and units to track and tag all capital equipment valued at $5,000 or more with a useful life of greater than 1 year, as well as all sponsor-titled equipment regardless of value. University capital equipment is inventoried every two years and sponsor-titled equipment is inventoried annually.

Property Disposition

Help with Property Disposition

The Property Disposition service includes the disposal of all university property designated as surplus by U-M schools, colleges, and units, per SPG 520.01 on Acquisition, Use and Disposition of Property. Examples include computers, equipment, and furniture. The mission is to sell, recycle, or dispose of surplus equipment to the best advantage of the University of Michigan. Generally, 90 percent of the proceeds are returned to the department.

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