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Sustainable Purchasing

This is a strategic contract with a small business for offset printing. Allegra offers marketing services, graphic design and copywriting, database management, direct marketing, mailing and fulfillment, signs, posters & banners, promotional products, mobile and web marketing capabilities. Allegra is also committed to improving the environment, please see the Sustainability Purchasing Section to learn more and how to purchase green products. Visit Allegra's site for more general information on this supplier.

Purchasing Guidelines

As a best practice procurement recommends obtaining multiple quotes from the strategic  suppliers to ensure competitive pricing.

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More information on the program and how to log in can be found in the job aids within the portal.

Sustainable Purchasing

Allegra Print Mail Marketing has identified sustainable initiatives and items within their product line that are available for purchase by the University.           

  • Sustainable products/ service:
    • At Allegra, clients can specify or request recycled content and environmental certifications for paper stock choices with the request for quote tool. 
    • When using the tool, or speaking with one of the consultants, tell them specifically about your need for recycled and sustainable materials.
    • Allegra uses direct-to-plate printing, soy-based inks, recycled paper, emulsion aggregation (EA) toner, and conscientious print management. Allegra also works with their paper suppliers on environmental stewardship. They consider totally chlorine free (TFC) and elemental chlorine free (ECF) paper choices.
    • Allegra uses local suppliers where possible to minimize the environmental impact of long-distance shipping.
    • Allegra reuses folders, envelopes, toner cartridges and packing materials.
    • Allegra promotes green products and business practices they offer by providing environmentally-friendly options.
    • To reduce waste, they run similar jobs together to reduce waste and conserve energy. Furthermore, they recycle paper, metals, oil and plastic.
    • To lessen energy use, Allegra uses Energy Star equipment, night temperature setbacks, and lighting monitoring.
  • Sustainability Initiatives:

    Corporate Sustainability Report
    • See link to access Allegra’s ‘Think Green’ statement on sustainability, which also includes an additional link for the ‘Allegra Environmental PDF’, called Allegra Environmental Scorecard.
    • See link to access Allegra’s ‘Print & Imaging’s Commitment’s to the Environment’.
  • Certifications & Awards
    • FSC Certified Printer, Certified 2013 by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    • Certified Renewable Energy Designation, Certified in 2012 by Green-e, a program of Center for Resource Solutions
    • Michigan Great Printer, Certified since 2008 by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
    • Waste Knot Award Partner, Certified since 2008 by the Washtenaw County Department of Planning and Environment

To learn more about sustainable procurement at the University please review “Diversity and Sustainability” on the Procurement Services website.

Contact the Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, Selin Nurgun, for questions or comments on Sustainable Purchasing at the University of Michigan at or (734) 647-6213.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed through Quote to Order.

PCards and non-QTO purchase orders are not accepted.

This portal is designed to help customers request quotes from multiple suppliers, select a supplier for each project, record data for later use, communicate via a message board specific to your project, and retrieve historical information on your projects. A U-M ID and a Kerberos password are needed to get started

Supplier Contact

For ordering and general product questions, contact:
Kelly Parkinson
Phone: (734) 944-1404 ext. 118

For Billing Questions:
Jason McLean
Phone: (734)944-1404 ext. 131

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator:
Name: Robin Eckel
Phone: (734) 763-9887

Procurement Agent:
Name: Charisse Fox
Phone: (734) 647-6450