Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Departments need to complete this form and submit it to Procurement Services when a purchase of goods/services is from a university employee or from a supplier with which an employee has a relationship. The completion of this form does not constitute approval of this COI purchase. The form will be used to assist Procurement Services in determining whether the justification provided in the documentation is sufficient to submit this request to purchase for U-M Regent approval.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure form | Word 

Disclosure Of Significant Relationships With Relevant Companies Statement Form

This form should be sent as an attachment with your Non-Competitive Purchase Award Form. The University of Michigan Health System has established standards and guidelines in accordance with SPG 201.65-1 on Conflict of Interest for individuals participating in purchasing decision-making.

Disclosure Of Significant Relationships With Relevant Companies Statement form | Word

PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release Form

This form is to be used when creating a payment to an individual against an M-Pathways contract. Do not use this form when one transaction will be processed with multiple payment release dates automatically scheduled. Complete this form, along with an ePro req, to initiate each individual payment throughout the course of the contract. This multiple payment release form serves as the individual's invoice for each payment against the M-Pathways Contract. This form is required even if the individual provides an invoice. If an invoice is provided, please submit it with this form to Shared Services Center PeoplePay Processing as back-up.

PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release form | PDF

Procurement Services Requisition Form (Business Continuity Situations Only)

The Procurement Services Requisition Form should only be used when the university M-Pathways system is unavailable and faculty and staff are instructed to utilize the form.  If the form is deemed necessary, it should be sent to

Procurement Services Requisition Form


Signature Authority Tables/Authority to Contract

Sole Source Justification Form

This form should be sent as an attachment with your requisition only if your purchase cannot be competitively bid.

Sole Source Justification form | Word

U-M Requisition for Tax-Free Alcohol Form

The university is maintaining a central distribution process for Tax-Free 190 proof and 200 proof Ethyl Alcohol. See the ordering process for instructions.

U-M Requisition for Tax-Free Alcohol form | PDF 1 | PDF 2