Application & Training

How to apply for a PCard

Faculty and staff applying for a U-M PCard must:

Complete the PCard training

You must take the required PCard course before submitting your application. The course reviews the business processes, policies, and procedures pertaining to proper use of the PCard. The course is also highly recommended for expense approvers.

Complete and submit a PCard application 

As part of the application process, you are required to read and agree to the PCard Cardholder Agreement.  The agreement outlines the program guidelines and cardholder responsibilities.

Once you have confirmed acknowledgment of the agreements and successfully submitted the application, the online application will route electronically to the designated approver that you provide in the application. The approver will receive an email from JP Morgan Chase stating a commercial card application is awaiting approval. The approver should click on the link provided in the email and complete the online approval process. The approver can also route the application to an additional approver if needed. Once approved by the unit approver(s) listed on the application, the application will route to PCard administration in Procurement Services for processing. Once all approvals have occurred, you will receive a confirmation email from JP Morgan Chase.

When your PCard has been created, JP Morgan Chase will mail the PCard to your university address.