Electronic Settlements (MSupplier)

Electronic Settlements enable suppliers that have been invited into the MSupplier Portal by the University of Michigan to:

  • Submit electronic invoices - cXML or flat file
  • Review order, invoice, and payment information
  • Maintain supplier information including contacts, addresses, and user access IDs


Login to the MSupplier Portal

If you experience difficulties getting to the log-in page, please deleted your browser cookies and temporary internet files and then retry the link. If you’re having trouble logging in or if you have any problems with the portal, please contact your contract administrator, or email esettlement@umich.edu.


  • Paperless transactions reduce costs
  • Accelerated invoice presentment, approval, and payment
  • One single portal that allows you to perform inquiries, submit billing files, and update your supplier profile information


The University of Michigan’s fiscal year end is June 30. We recommend that our eSettlements suppliers who submit monthly invoice files do so by close of business on Wednesday, June 28.   This will ensure that our departments have appropriate charges completed within the fiscal year.  This also will allow our accounts payable department appropriate time to address any necessary corrections.

Additional invoice files may be submitted with the remainder of the charges at a later date, and still be processed within contractual terms.

If you have questions, please contact your University of Michigan contract administrator, or email strategicca@umich.edu.  Thank you.