Setting up Duo for the eSettlements Supplier Portal

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DUO two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for the supplier portal user. In addition to providing your user id and password, you will now be required to verify your identity via landline, mobile phone or another device. See this link for detailed information regarding Duo.

This job aid describes how to set up Duo for landline when you initially log into the eSettlements Supplier Portal located on the U-M Procurement Services website. Landline authentication will allow you to register a telephone number (landline or mobile phone are allowed) for call up authentication. You may also register a mobile phone or tablet for more automated authentication. Once you have established landline authentication, you may continue to log into the supplier portal.


  1. Expand the section- Login for Authorized Supplier. Click the Login to the Supplier Portal link.
  2. In the User ID and Password boxes, type your Supplier user ID and password. 
  3. Click Sign In.
    • Note: You will be prompted to initiate the setup of Duo, the first time that you login to the Supplier Portal Page.
  4. Click Start Setup.
    • Note: Selecting a mobile phone enables you to access the system when you are away from your desk. This option is recommended. When you select a mobile phone, you will be requested to download and install a Duo Mobile app. If you do not desire to install the Duo mobile app, it is possible to register your mobile telephone number as a Landline for call up verification.
  5. Identify the device that you will be using for authentication, and then click Continue. You may only select one device for the initial setup, but you may add additional devices later. For this example, we have selected Landline.
  6. Enter your telephone number, and then click the check box after confirming that the telephone number is correct. Finally, click Continue.
    • Note: You will only receive this screen if you have selected mobile phone in Step 5 above.
  7. Click Call me, and wait for your telephone to ring. A verification code will be provided by telephone. Enter the 6-digit verification code, and click Verify. Click continue.
  8. You have successfully added your device. You may now choose to add another device, or you may click Continue to Login.
  9. When you login to the portal with Landline authentication, you will click Call Me. You will then receive a call at the selected device. You will be expected to respond via the key pad on your telephone. Once you have responded appropriately, you will be directed to the Supplier Portal. Remember, the telephone number that you provide could be your office phone, your mobile, etc. You may specify more than one device.

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