M-marketsite is the university’s online catalog ordering system where faculty and staff can place orders from many different suppliers. Shopping through M-marketsite is similar to shopping online, and it offers many benefits:

  • One login gives you access to multiple suppliers and products, and centrally located catalogs
  • Easy to identify and place orders for contracted items
  • “Favorites” shopping-cart functionality offers quick reordering of frequently ordered products
  • Prices listed are the university’s negotiated prices
  • Suppliers listed accept shortcode(s)
  • Orders up to $25,000 can be placed without Procurement Services approval, since the competitive bid process has already taken place. Products and prices can be compared among many suppliers prior to ordering
  • Required approvals are automatically routed as needed
  • Ordering and invoicing are done electronically
  • Order history is available online in M-Pathways and in M-marketsite

M-marketsite is integrated with the M-Pathways ePro requisition. For authorization to place orders through M-marketsite, users must submit an online access request.

Access My LINC for instructions on how to navigate to M-marketsite through Wolverine Access and M-Pathways. Additional M-marketsite How To information can be found at Training.

If you just want to browse supplier catalogs and do not need to place orders on M-marketsite you can access the site by using the “browse only” option in Wolverine Access. For questions, contact: ITS Service Center Phone: (734) 764-4357 E-mail: 4HELP@umich.edu

M-marketsite How To

How do I start using M-marketsite?

Users who want to browse catalogs but do not want to place an order:

Users who need to place an order:

How do I change or split chartfields on an M-marketsite order?

Review the My LINC job aid Change Chartfields or Split Distributions on an M-marketsite Order in M-Pathways - step-by-step procedure.

How do I check the status of or cancel an M-marketsite order?

Contact the supplier(s) directly to check the status of an order.

If you need to cancel your M-marketsite order after the PO has been created, you must:

  • Contact the supplier directly to request the order/shipment be cancelled. If the order has been filled/shipped, do not cancel the PO; contact the supplier to make arrangements for a return/credit.
  • After the order has been cancelled by the supplier, email procurement.services@umich.edu with the PO number and your contact information (name, phone number, and email). Please indicate in your email message that this is an M-marketsite order that needs to be cancelled.

M-marketsite on-site training for departments and units is available by emailing requests to marketsiteT2@umich.edu

  • The ITS Service Center provides support for M-marketsite, including basic navigation walkthroughs and troubleshooting. Contact the ITS Service Center at (734) 764-4357 or 4HELP@umich.edu.
  • Step-by-step job aids and simulations via the My LINC are available to assist you with navigating the site.

M-marketsite Releases

M-marketsite Release

M-marketsite Release 21.2 (July 25, 2021) New features and functionality:

- New Shopping Experience - Action Buttons Moved
- New Order Acknowledgement Notification

View 21.2 enhancements with screenshots

M-marketsite Release 21.1 (April 12, 2020) New features and functionality:

- New Shopping Experience
- Updated User Interface
- Enhanced search functionality
- Improved shopping cart and checkout features

View 21.1 enhancements with screenshots

M-marketsite Update (March 15, 2021) New User Experience Preview

On April 12, 2021, M-marketsite, U-M’s online catalog ordering system, will be updated. The new site will offer a more intuitive, integrated, and efficient shopping experience, including:

  • An updated user interface 

  • Enhanced search functionality

  • Improved shopping cart and checkout features

You can preview the changes and use the new version of M-marketsite—beginning March 15, 2021.  

View Update with screenshots

M-marketsite Release 20.3 (November 9, 2020) New features and functionality:

  • New Document Search

 View 20.3 enhancements with screenshots 

M-marketsite Release 20.2 (July 19, 2020) New features and functionality:

  • No new features or functionality

M-marketsite Release 20.1 (April 5, 2020) New features and functionality:

  • No new features or functionality

M-marketsite Home Page Updated (January 27, 2020) :

  • Supplier Catalogs Grouped by Commodity

Home_Page_Updates with screenshots

M-marketsite Release 19.3 (November 10, 2019) New features and functionality:

  • Internet Explorer 6-10 No Longer Supported
  • Orders MenuUpdated User Interface & Shopping Experience

View 19.3 enhancements with screenshots

M-marketsite Release 19.2 (July 21, 2019) New features and functionality:

  • Updated Interface 

View 19.2 enhancements with screenshots

M-marketsite Release 19.1 (April 7, 2019) New features and functionality:

  • No new features or functionality