Project Milestones for April

  • The design/build phase is underway, including request forms and module configuration.
  • The Procurement Operations team will be conducting a review and cleanup of commodity codes per the recommendation from Huron Consulting.
  • The Procurement Services leadership team is engaging in a number of core project decision workshops regarding system roles, access, workflow and approvals.
  • The first integration from Jaggaer to PeopleSoft has completed the build phase and will begin testing by Procurement and ITS.
  • The project team will host a workshop to develop a detailed project plan for the ePro/M-Marketsite workstream.

The Jaggaer project is a collaborative effort that will result in a range of improvements across the technologies that support university procurement. These enhancements aim to streamline procurement processes, boost efficiency, and empower users to maximize our procurement systems and their capabilities.

Achieving such an outcome will mark a significant milestone toward becoming a Next in Class Procurement Services team, not just for U-M but among all higher education institutions. An effort of this magnitude is only possible when valued partners and experts can join efforts and engage in meaningful collaboration. Procurement Service is excited to be working with Michigan Medicine, Shared Services Center, and Information Technology Services to envision and work toward a better procurement experience throughout the university.

A significant portion of the project will be dedicated to:

  • Leveraging new technology, including AI, to optimize procurement processes
  • Eliminating duplicative and inefficient technologies
  • Enhancing system connectivity and data sharing through direct integrations
  • Streamlining backend processes that impact the end user experience

These efforts will set the stage for introducing an enhanced M-Marketsite experience to our campus customers and a new supplier portal to our suppliers.

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