This is a contract for Abcam antibody-based research products that include protein detection and regulation reagents, primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, kits, proteins, lysates, tissue slides, other reagents.

Ordering Information

Orders may be placed via Marketsite.

Special orders for products that are unable to be placed through M-Marketsite will require ePro requisitions generated in M-Pathways.  To place a special order in M-Pathways:

  1. Input order information into an ePro requisition.
  2. Attach the supplier provided quote (if applicable).
  3. Leave the supplier ID field blank.
  4. Assign the ePro requisition to the appropriate Research Procurement Agent.


Additional Information

3% off list price

Shipping & Handling

Abcam freight policy is as follows. Supplier ships via FedEx Priority.  Standard blue ice shipments are $45 and dry ice shipments are $60.  Non-dry ice kits are $49.  Dry-ice kits are $60.  Supplier charges one shipping charge per order.  This value will correspond to the shipping charge of the item with the highest shipping charge on the shipment, irrespective of shipping condition (s), number of products and product type (s).  In the event the customer requests an institutional FedEx account number to be used, Supplier assesses a packing and handling charge of $26.

Supplier Contact

Amanda Mongiello

eProcurement Manager



Customer Service


Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: David Gilbert
Phone: 734-615-9304

Procurement Agent:
Name: Lucy Kumar
Phone: 734-936-2591