Sohn Linen

Small Business

Sohn Linen is a Lansing, MI company who rents banquet linens & napkins, towels (dish, bar), chef coats and pants, kitchen shirts, cook pants, mats, mops, and bedroom linen. Sohn also launders U-M owned uniforms, lab coats and linen. Additional services include embroidery and other tailoring needs.

Ordering Information

To place an order, call Sohn at (800) 292-8689. Provide the following information:

  • Shortcode to be charged
  • Department name
  • Delivery location, including U-M contact, address and phone number
  • Specific delivery instructions

Note: It is the unit's responsibility to review all supporting documents for hosted events, including a list of attendees, to ensure compliance with university hosting policy and per person meal limits. See the hosting policy.

Supplier Contact

For general inquiries, or to arrange an event, contact:

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: Jeff Rabbitt
Phone: (734) 764-9232

Contract Administrator - Secondary:
Name: Ian Pepper
Phone: (734) 647-4981

Procurement Agent:
Name: Gabe Benitez
Phone: (734) 615-5961