VWR International, LLC

Sustainable Purchasing

This is a secondary strategic contract for general lab and research supplies. This supplier should be used in the event that an item is not available with U-M's primary supplier, Fisher Scientific. This supplier participates in many green initiatives including: Green Products and Services, Corrugated Packaging, and Twirl'em Eco Bag 

Purchasing Guidelines

Follow the equipment ordering procedure for the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

Sustainable Purchasing

VWR has identified sustainable items within their environmentally preferable product line that are available for purchase by the University.

  • Sustainable products/ service
    • VWR has an established Environmentally Preferable Products (EPPs) program which identifies products with certain sustainable attributes.  VWR works with its suppliers to identify EPPs that are designed to reduce waste, conserve energy and resources, and protect human and environmental health.  Products are evaluated according to certain environmental attributes that include:
      • Products that are energy and/or water efficient
      • Products and/or packaging that are recyclable or reduce waste
      • Products and/or packaging that contain recycled/renewable content
      • Products that are manufactured with low CO2 impact
      • Products and/or packaging that are safer to human and environmental health  
    • VWR designates EPPs on vwr.com with a green leaf icon,    https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xb-9ouigLLSdWHCBs7XglHiM0wOdlr2K4rMG8g6A2_FNJHpg2lH0_bTi3ULgixGfk2zqsDXcPbn5qR-K83GGeMGmel8HWsDRlL2GPRfkunYgzrAeU1KtKKjJrKkVaVYSDNLdV7rNmtYfpj7Q4Qand lists environmental attributes and third-party certifications on product pages. Customers can filter their product searches using the “environmentally preferable” search filter, which makes searching for specific products easier. Detailed spend reporting has also been developed to support customers’ sustainable procurement goals. Over 12,000 products in the portfolio have been identified and verified as environmentally preferable through supplier documentation.
  • Sustainability Initiatives           
    • VWR recognizes that building sustainable business practices to enhance the value of the company is in the best interest of VWR, their associates, suppliers, customers and their community. VWR also understands that their customers have sustainability initiatives and VWR is committed to helping them achieve their sustainability goals. To learn more about VWR’s sustainability program and to view the latest VWR Sustainability Report, click here.

      Certifications & Awards

      • 2016 Shipper of the Year by the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC)
      • Top-Rated Supplier on the CIPS Sustainability Index because of our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability in the United Kingdom.
      • 2016 United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay® Transport Partner for the fourth year in a row.


To learn more about sustainable procurement at the University please review “Diversity and Sustainability” on the Procurement Services website.


Contact the Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, Selin Nurgun, for questions or comments on Sustainable Purchasing at the University of Michigan at nurgusel@umich.edu or (734) 647-6213.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed by logging into M-marketsite.

Shop M-marketsite:

Browse M-marketsite and/or create a shopping cart

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How to use M-marketsite

Users can also use short code by calling at (800) 932-5000 or emailing at customercare@vwr.com.

PCards are not accepted.

Shipping & Handling

Handling Charge
$4.95 per order
Hazardous Materials Charge

Supplier Contact

Supplier Contact:

Sales Associate Katie McBride
Phone: (734) 263-9120
Email: katie.mcbride@vwr.com

Life Science Specialist Nicole Henley
Phone:(734) 892-7215
Email: nicole.henley@vwr.com

Furniture Specialist Tom Nolan
Phone: (734) 265-8211
Email:  thomas_nolan@vwr.com

Chromatography Specialist Nicole Olson
Phone: (847) 948-8596
Email: nicole_olson@vwr.com

Regional Director Andy Garrison
Phone: (248) 326-8514
Email: andy_garrison@vwr.com

For customer service:
Customer Service  
Phone: (800) 932-5000
Email: customercare@vwr.com

Dedicated Education Customer Service  
Phone (855) 658-0681
Fax (866) 329-2897
Email: EduSales_Support@vwr.com

For product support:
Technical Product Support-North America 
Phone (888) 897-5463
Email TechnicalProductSupportNA@vwr.com

To check order status:
To confirm your order was received by VWR please follow the steps below.
You have two options (Call, or Check Online). In both cases you will need to provide the PO number.

Option 1: Call
1. Locate the PO number  2. Call VWR at (800)-932-5000
3. Enter account number 2604678
4. Press “1” for checking order status
5. Provide the VWR associate with either (a) the PO number; or (b) the Order Date and the name of the person who placed the order.

Option 2: Check Online
1. Locate the PO number
2. Login to M-Pathways and navigate to the VWR punch-out on M-marketsite
3. Click on the Order Status icon
4. Type the VWR account number as 2604678 and the PO number and press the Enter key.
5. The screen will refresh with the order status information.

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator:
David Gilbert
Phone: (734) 615-9304
E-mail: dgilb@umich.edu

Procurement Agent:
Bob Johnson
Phone: (734) 764-2461
E-mail: johnsrbt@umich.edu