Authorization by Signature Form

Use this form to delegate approval authority for transactions pertaining to the PCard, business travel, business hosting, and other expenses. Both the delegator and the assignee must sign the form. Read more about Higher Administrative Authority.

Authorization by Signature | PDF

Fly America Act Exception Form

This form must be completed whenever non-U.S. flag air carrier service is used and intended to be charged to a federal project/grant. The completed form must be submitted with the expense report.

This form includes the Federal Travel Regulation sections that describe the requirement for the use of U.S. flag air carriers when charged to federal dollars, as well as the exception criteria used to determine when the use of a non-U.S. flag air carrier is acceptable.

Fly America Act Exception Form | Excel

Mileage Log Form

Use this form when claiming mileage reimbursement for business use of personal vehicles. This optional form is recommended when submitting numerous trips as one reimbursement in Concur. Attach the mileage form with the Concur report.

Mileage Log Form | Excel

Travel and Business Hosting Expense Report Form (Guest/Student)

This form is an accounting of expenses university guests and students (i.e., non-employees).  Guests and students are not subject to the travel meal/incidentals per diem policy.

Form can be found on the Shared Services Center website.

Non-Employee Cash Advance (Guest/Student)

Cash Advance services are administered by the Shared Services Center. This form must be filled out by the university sponsoring department to request an advance. The advance must be properly reconciled within 45 days after return from the trip. The sponsoring department is responsible for ensuring reconciliation and collecting any unused funds.

Note: Faculty and staff with access to the Concur Travel and Expense Management System must submit requests for cash advances (if the appointing unit allows) through Concur.

Form can be found on the Shared Services Center website