Electronic auctions coming soon to Dispo Direct

Nov 2, 2022 | News

Property Disposition is excited to announce that it’s expanding Dispo Direct‘s—the unit’s e-commerce website—capabilities to include online auctions. When Dispo Direct launched earlier this year, it exclusively sold single items at fixed prices. With the new online auction platform—known asDispo Direct Bids—customers can bid on collections of items in an online auction format.

“Dispo Direct has been a great sales platform for us,” said Warehouse Manager Hillary Schreiber. “Our campus and general public customers tell us they like viewing and purchasing our inventory online, but wished they could view our bulk lots as well.”

Dispo Direct Bids, which is expected to launch in early 2023, directly addresses this issue and will allow Property Disposition to sell bundles of items at prices determined by customer bidding. Dispo Direct Bids will be just as easy to use as Dispo Direct. Customers will need to create accounts on the site before being able to place a bid and will still be able to pay for their awarded auctions via credit card or Paypal. U-M units will be eligible to pay for items listed on Dispo Direct Bids with a shortcode.

Property Disposition currently utilizes a sealed-bid auction process managed via email. It expects to move all those items to Dispo Direct Bids once the auction site is complete.

Vehicle auctions will not be included in Dispo Direct Bids and Property Disposition will continue to partner with third-party auction firms when selling surplus cars, trucks, and buses. Look for Dispo Direct Bids to launch by early next year.

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