New, real-time Property Disposition online auction tool now live

Feb 28, 2023 | News

On February 27, 2023, Property Disposition launched the Dispo Direct Bids, a new, real-time online auction tool. Dispo Direct Bids—which replaced an email-based, sealed-bid process—variety of benefits to make purchasing items from Property Disposition even easier, faster, and more convenient, including the ability to: 

  • View product descriptions and photos for all bid items on our website
  • Place bids in real time
  • Observe the current real-time auction price
  • Receive notifications when you’re outbid on an item so you can increase your bid

The only thing you’ll need to begin using Dispo Direct Bids is an account for Dispo Direct—that’s our eCommerce website. If you don’t have an account for Dispo Direct, it’s easy to set one up. 

Once you have your website account, Dispo Direct Bids is very easy to use. There will be a link in the top banner that reads “Bids.” Just click on that link and you’ll go right to Dispo Direct Bids. 

“With the launch of Dispo Direct Bids, more of Property Disposition’s inventory will be available to purchase and customers can place and raise their bids in real time while tracking the auction until it ends, said Hillary Schreiber, warehouse supervisor. “Until now, only a portion of Property Disposition’s inventory was available to purchase through the sealed-bid process and. customers could only review bid listings and submit one bid per lot. That meant that bidders would have to wait for the end of a two-week bid cycle to see if they won or if their bid was even close to the winning bid. ”  

Hillary also noted that—due to time constraints associated with the sealed-bid process—it was often necessary to create fewer bid lots that contained many items, which put the bid-lot price out of reach for some customers. Because Dispo Direct Bids is integrated into Dispo Direct, the bidding process is more efficient and smaller bids lots can be created with more frequency, which makes the bidding process accessible to more customers. 

 Dispo Direct Bids will also be reserved for high-value and high-demand items enabling more customers to access these items. In addition, products with missing parts or in a less-than desirable condition may be sold via Dispo Direct Bids. 

While vehicles may occasionally be offered for sale via Dispo Direct Bids, Property Disposition will continue to work with Braun & Helmer—its external auction partner—for most vehicle sales due to the logistics involved in selling a large number of vehicles at once and the company’s expertise.     

“We’re really excited about Dispo Direct Bids and the many benefits it offers to our customers,” said Chuck Sulikowski, the general operations manager at Property Disposition. “Our team really looked at this from the customer perspective and went to great lengths to ensure that Dispo Direct Bids is intuitive, easy to use, and convenient.”

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