Purchasing Support for UM-Flint transitions to Ann Arbor

Sep 6, 2023 | News

Effective July 1, Procurement Services and the Shared Services Center (SSC)  partnered to provide end-to-end support for purchasing-related activities at UM-Flint.   

Planning for the transition began this past spring and involved close collaboration between Procurement Services, the SSC, and our UM-Flint partners, including members of the UM-Flint Procurement & Contracts Team as well as several other employees who provided invaluable feedback during the pilot phase of the new support model. This team had a number of goals for the transition, such as identifying opportunities to increase efficiencies and maintaining the high level of service and support that was provided locally by the UM-Flint Procurement & Contracts Team. 

To ensure a successful transition, the team,among other things, hosted virtual information sessions and developed a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Additionally, Cindy Stahmer, senior procurement agent, and Bob Matthews, procurement agent, joined Procurement Services in Ann Arbor from UM-Flint and Tabatha Rigiel, who previously served as an administrative assistant with the UM-Flint Procurement & Contracts team, joined the SSC.

“We’re very excited to partner with the SSC to provide a wide range of purchasing-related services to our colleagues at UM-Flint,” said Tally Thrasher, assistant vice president and chief procurement officer. “And beyond aligning procurement activities on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses as part of our ongoing effort to optimize resources across U-M, one of our main objectives will be to maintain the exemplary level of service that the UM-Flint Procurement & Contracts Team provided to its customers on a local level.”


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