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Apr 2, 2024 | News

The Travel Partner Engagement Program  allows units to share their travel-related recommendations and concerns with the U-M Travel Program Team. 

During meetings, which are held on a regular basis, based on the unit’s needs, the Travel Program Team will:

  • Review trends on your unit’s travel dashboard, including  current travel spend, CTP reservation details, adoption rates, CTA transaction reconciliations in Concur, and unused airline tickets. 
  • Gather feedback and share what’s new
  • Answer your questions and collaborate on increasing adoption. 

“We really appreciate hearing feedback from the units, which allows us to continually refine the program to better meet their needs,” said Jeanette Frost, travel program manager. “Their input and perspective has also been invaluable as part of our ongoing effort to enhance U-M’s Travel Program for the entire university travel community.”

Since the program began in 2023 as part of the overall Procurement Services Partner Engagement Program, the team has met regularly with 14 units to hear their viewpoint on U-M’s Travel Program and answer questions. And the outreach effort has definitely been well received across the university. “We’ve been assessing ways to streamline our internal group-travel processes and the Partner Engagement Program has been an incredible resource as we tackle this project,” said Caitlin Cuppernull, an administrative specialist at the Taubman College of Art and Architecture. “It allows us to have a direct line of communication with the U-M Travel Program Team, which has been so valuable to our unit. We really appreciate the collaboration with our colleagues on the U-M Travel Program Team.”

Other units have had similar experiences with the Travel Partner Engagement Program and appreciate the efforts undertaken by Jeanette and her team  to actively work with them to enhance U-M’s Travel Program. “The Partner Engagement Team has had a meaningful impact by providing resources for schools and colleges. Their collaboration offers added value by linking larger university-wide initiatives with specific requirements and demands we experience at the department level. They appreciate the significance of community-building while prioritizing open communication and positive relationships.” said Kylee Pulver, Procurement Manager from the College of LSA.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with units and really want to hear their viewpoint on the U-M Travel Program,” said Jeanette. “One of our key objectives is to make it very easy and convenient for them to partner with us to ensure the program operates at a high level.”

If your unit would like to participate in the Travel Partner Engagement Program, please contact the U-M Travel Program Team

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