Karen Moeller Design

Serving a wide variety of colleges, units and units within U-M for the past 19years. Award-winning work; very responsive personal service. Known for our creative approach and solving our client’s communication goals with not only excellence, but a healthy respect for both time and budget guidelines. We carefully listen; that’s critical to our design process. And then we boldly design a distinctive look, a communication that hits your target audience in the most effective manner.

Wealth of experience with publication design: magazines, annual reports, brochures, research briefs, marketing collateral, and development assets. Original art illustration is a core strength. Photography and art direction of photography. Branding, logos, naming/tagging, strategicplanning, writing services, core messaging and web development are allcentral to our wide range of creative capabilities.

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Award winning design for a wide variety of U-M units, colleges and campaigns for over 19years.

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Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

Account Manager: Primary
Name: Chas Moeller
Phone: (734) 355-3587
E-mail: chas@moedesign.com

Account Manager: Secondary
Name: Karen Moeller
Phone: (734) 355-3587
E-mail: karen@moedesign.com

Name: Chas Moeller
Phone: (734) 355-3587
E-mail: chas@moedesign.com

Procurement Contacts:

Print and Professional Services Team procurement.pps@umich.edu