Radiant Logistics Partners LLC

Radiant Logistics Partners LLC is a global transportation and supply chain management company, contracted for Customs brokerage, freight cartage, freight forwarding and packaging/palletizing of larger shipments (over 150 pounds or larger than small package couriers will accept).

Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Customs Clearance
  • International Air and Ocean
  • Domestic Air and Ground Transportation
  • Crating/Packing
  • Hazardous Shipments

See the Radiant Logistics website for a list of services:

For shipping requests, complete the quote request form below and email it to Radiant.Logistics@umich.edu. If this is your first time placing an order, Radiant Logistics will establish a new account for your unit.

Radiant Quote Request Form

For non-shipping requests, call or email the appropriate contact in the “Supplier Contacts” section below.

Radiant will send invoices to your unit. Make payment arrangements via ePro requisition (PO), supplier ID 0000784381.

PCards are not accepted.

Supplier Details:


Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

Primary account managers:

John Klesch

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

(425) 223-1668


John Sprik


(617) 592-1877


Obtaining quotes and arranging shipments:

John Sprik (see above)

Invoice and billing questions:

John Sprik (see above)

Customs clearance services/issues:

Maria Vitale

General Manager, CHB

(718) 244-6265


Packing/packaging, creating and palletizing:

John Sprik (see above)

Procurement Contacts:

General Goods & Services Team Procurement.generalgoodsandservices@umich.edu