Rose Moving And Storage

This is a strategic contract with a woman-owned company for moving and storage services. Click on the link to learn more about the supplier’s sustainability initiatives.

This agreement is for use by authorized university employees only and for projects not exceeding $25,000. For projects exceeding $25,000, please contact Procurement Services for assistance. See the Facilities & Operations UManage guidelines for details regarding the use of this moving and storage agreement under the UManage Facilities Services Program.

Orders may be placed over phone using a shortcode at (734) 957-8012 or by email at

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

For general inquiries, contact:
Tami Epperson, Sales Representative
Office: (734) 957-8012
Cell: (313) 675-0106

James Martin, Commercial Sales
Office: (734) 957-8017
Cell: (313) 675-0113

Mike Engelhardt, Warehousing
Office: (734) 957-8006
Cell: (734) 646-8615

Tony Lewandowski, Record Storage & Bar-coding
Office: ((734) 957-8032
Cell: (734) 644-5296

To inquire about an order or billing, contact:

Tamie Green, Lead Project Coordinator
Direct line: (734) 957-8063
Main line: (734) 957-8000 ex 242

Procurement Contacts:

Facilities Team