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Categories: Mail and Package Delivery, Office Services, Equipment and Supplies

Social Impact Categories: Sustainable Purchasing

Contract Type: University Contract

This is a primary strategic contract for express, ground and international delivery services. This supplier participates in sustainability consistent with the university’s values. See UPS’s corporate responsibility.

Purchasing Guidelines

Federal regulations mandate training for all personnel shipping packages containing dry ice, hazardous materials, dangerous goods or signing any type of shipping documentation containing these materials (such as an Airbill/Waybill, or Bill of Lading). If you are not sure if the material you are sending is considered hazardous, contact EHS (formerly OSEH) at (734) 763-6973.

EHS Resources:
Transporting Biological Materials | Environment, Health & Safety
Packaging Requirements to Transport Biological Substances & Hazardous Materials (PDF)
Packaging Requirements for Dry Ice

MyLink Training courses:
BLS204w – EHS_BLS204w Requirements for Shipping Non-Dangerous Goods with Dry Ice
BLS209w – EHS_BLS209w Regulations for Shipping Biologics – Infectious Substances Category B

*Contact EHS for assistance prior to shipping Category A materials.


Account requests/changes:
To request a new UPS U-M CampusShip® account, new log in ID for an existing account or to make changes to an existing account, complete and submit the online request form. Access to the form is restricted and requires authenticated login using your uniqname and UMICH password.

Supplier Contacts:

For customer assistance, contact:

Andrea L. Pawlowski
Senior Account Executive
(248) 207-0313
[email protected]

CampusShip Support:
(877) 289-6418

For international shipping and support:
(800) 782-7892(24-hour service)

Lisa Pittiglio
UPS International Account Manager
(734) 417-2486
[email protected]

General Support Contacts
UPS Preferred Customer Team
(800) 377-4877
[email protected]

Order Supplies:
1-(800) 742-5877
Tracking: (800) 377-4877

Additional Resources and Contacts

Procurement Contacts:

General Goods & Services Team