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Weber’s Inn

Categories: Facilities, Hotels/Lodging, Local Hotels, Lodging, and Meeting, Travel Services

Social Impact Categories: Michigan-Based, USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

Weber’s Inn is a strategic supplier for hotel/conference services to university units. This contract includes university-preferred guest room rates, depending on availability. Please see Weber’s Inn for property information.

Weber’s has been recognized nationally for it’s services and facilities – read more.


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When you choose the Weber’s Inn for your event, the hotel will provide an Event Confirmation that outlines your event specifics. They will also provide a copy of the Group Sales Agreement, Departments should read the Group Sales Agreement carefully to understand the terms and conditions that will apply before deciding to move forward with booking the hotel. Departments are directly responsible for the terms and conditions of the Group Sales Agreement.

Payment Method

Provide the following information toTina Hansen, Executive Director of Sales & Catering

Phone: (734) 794-2263 Email:

  • Shortcode to be billed
  • Department name
  • University contact & phone

Note: It is the unit’s responsibility to review all supporting documents for hosted events, including a list of attendees, to ensure compliance with university hosting policy and per person meal limits. See the hosting policy.

Note II: It is the unit’s responsibility to review the attrition and cancellation policies, which will be made available upon request.

A valid credit card authorization form is required when payments are made via a University PCard. Departments should not provide the hotel with a copy of the front and back of the PCard. When using a PCard for payment, the hotel will charge the card upon departure for actual charges.

When individuals are paying for the event (or portions of the event), damages are the responsibility of each individual and not the University. The hotel will settle any disputes directly with the individual.

Additional Information

Michigan State Sales Tax will be waived for events 100% paid for by University funds. The hotel has a copy of the University’s tax exemption certificate on file.

Supplier Contacts:

For general inquiries,or to book an event, contact:Tina Hansen, Director of Sales and Catering
(734) 794-2263
[email protected]

Kelsey Afetian, Sales Manager
(734) 794-2262
[email protected]

Procurement Contacts:

General Goods & Services Team