Topic: Travel

The airfare I purchased for my business trip includes an additional stop for a personal trip, how do I know what portion of the airfare is allowable for reimbursement?

The university will reimburse up to the cost of roundtrip coach class airfare for travel to the business location.  A comparison pulled from Concur at the same time the reservation is made is required to determine the allowable reimbursement for airfare.  If a coach class comparison was NOT obtained at the time the reservation was booked, a current comparison will be accepted with the following criteria:
  • Travel dates must be at least 14 days out
  • Comparison must be pulled from Concur
  • Departure and return dates should be used for the business portion of the trip

When traveling internationally, where money is not readily available, what is the best method for obtaining cash?

A PCard holder can request a temporary ATM for foreign travel. If the traveler does not have a PCard, a cash advance is appropriate if approved by the unit. Any unused portion of the cash advance or ATM withdrawal must be returned to the university as soon as possible, but no later than 45 calendar days after the completion of the trip or event. In cases where the planned trip or event is canceled, any advances must be reconciled and the funds returned as soon as possible. Amounts owed to the university after expense advance reconciliation will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck.

What does CONUS and OCONUS mean?

CONUS is an acronym for “contiguous United States,” which includes the 48 US states on the continent of North America (that are south of Canada) including the District of Columbia. OCONUS is an acronym for outside the contiguous United States, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories and possessions, such as Puerto Rico.