Apply for a Card

PCard Eligibility

In order to apply for a PCard, you must be an employee with a regular appointment. PCards are recommended for employees who engage in:

  • Business travel, or book travel for others.
  • Business hosting, recruitment, or development activities.
  • Purchasing activities where other purchasing methods are not available.

How to Apply for a PCard

1) Complete the PCard Training
    • Take the required PCard Cardholder Course (PRE110) before submitting your application. This course is required to be taken by all PCard holders every three years.
    • Read the PCard Holder Agreement below.
2) Complete and submit the PCard application
    • Upon completion, the online application will route electronically to the designated approver.
    • The approver should click on the link provided in the email and complete the online approval process. The approver can also route the application to an additional approver if needed.
    • JPMorgan Chase will mail the PCard to the address provided as the Cardholder Address (Card Delivery).

Contact Us

If you have further questions, please contact Procurement Services PCard team by clicking on the link below:

PCard Holder Agreement

U-M terms and conditions

In accordance with the University of Michigan Regents Bylaw 3.07 (2)(d) and through the delegation of authority from the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, you are authorized to commit funds on behalf of the University and your unit by use of a University of Michigan Purchasing Card (PCard) issued in your name by Procurement Services.

Personal accountability
  1. Only you may use your PCard. The card may not be transferred to, assigned to, or used by anyone other than the designated Cardholder.
  2. All purchases must be made by you on behalf of and for the benefit of the University and the particular University unit, school, college, office or other University entity in which you are employed.
  3. You will protect the PCard from unauthorized use. You are responsible for proper use of the PCard and recording of the charges, and must retain all required original receipts to be submitted with the monthly expense report.
  4. If the PCard is lost or stolen, you will immediately contact the PCard financial institution to request the account be closed.
  5. You are responsible for following up on erroneous charges, returns, or adjustments and to ensure proper credit is received on your PCard account, including full credit of merchandise returned to a supplier.
  6. Single transactions for general supply items and services may not exceed $5,000. Transactions cannot be split to avoid the $5,000 transaction limit. It is a serious violation of the PCard to deliberately purchase related items on different days from the same supplier to avoid the $5,000 per transaction limit.
  7. Subscriptions, dues, memberships, conference registrations, travel and hosting transactions must not exceed the monthly spending limit of the card. Please note that you may be subject to lower monthly limits as defined by your unit or unit.
  8. Purchases on Federally Sponsored Accounts must be made in accordance with Uniform Guidance Cost Principles.
  9. You must abide by rules and procedures established by Procurement Services and Financial Operations.
  10. The PCard financial institution and the University may suspend or cancel your Cardholder privileges at any time for any reason.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in cancellation of your PCard and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

Policy violations
  • Purchasing items for personal use.
  • Using the PCard for purchases of $5,000 and greater (exceptions are registrations, subscriptions, travel, hosting, and dues).
  • Splitting a transaction to avoid the $5,000 transaction limit (see #6 above).
  • Failure to close the PCard when reassigned, terminated, or upon request.
  • Failure to follow  Uniform Guidance Cost Principles for Federally Sponsored Accounts.
  • Failure to follow SPG 507.01 and 507.10-1.
  • Failure to submit transactions on an expense report in the Concur Expense Reporting System within 45 days.
  • Purchasing services by individuals or companies.
  • Purchasing restricted commodities. (See the list of Restricted Purchases and Special Approvals for details.)
  • Using the PCard for transactions that will be reimbursed by an external party.
  • Including Protected Health Information (PHI) when reconciling in the Concur Expense Reporting system.
Applicant verification
  • I am a regular employee of the University of Michigan.
  • I am approved by my unit to have a PCard.
  • I have a valid U-M email address to receive communications from the PCard Group and the PCard financial institution.
  • I have completed the PCard Cardholder Course (PRE110).