Navigate the Supplier Portal Quick Reference

This job aid describes how to log into the eSettlements Supplier Portal located on the U-M Procurement Services website


This Supplier navigation quick reference describes the main functional areas of the Supplier dashboard. For additional assistance or questions about using the Supplier portal, contact your U-M contract administrator.

No.FieldButton Description
ARecently Dispatched POs Displays the last five purchase orders (PO) dispatched to the supplier.
BSupplier AnnouncementSupplier Announcement will be used to communicate information to suppliers.
CFAQsFrequently asked questions | Contact Us.
DManage ProfileUpdate Profile - Update your password, and change or setup your forgotten password help. Supplier Change Request - Company Profile requests - Add / Modify Addresses - Add / Modify Contacts - Update Payment Profile Please note that you must submit all supplier change requests. 
ESupplier DashboardView a summary and list of payments and invoices.
FSetup SecurityUpdate supplier user profile information for users in your organization. You must have the PR EM Supplier Administrator role, in order to view this screen.
GUpload InvoicesUpload flat file invoices for payment.
HInvoicesManage Bills, Review Payment Installments, Receivables Aging Balance.
IReview Payment InformationInvoices, Payments, Review Payments, Account Balances.
JHomeThe home icon will navigate the user to the Supplier Secure Home Page from anywhere in the supplier portal.
KActionThis is the actions icon. Sign-out is one of the actions available to the user Sign out.
LNavigationThe navigation icon is used to navigate to specific screens or pages.
This is the supplier portal quick reference and legend.

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