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Supplier Portal users can view purchase orders (POs) issued by the University of Michigan. This job aid describes how to view and download PO Information.


  1. Click the Purchase Orders tile on your screen to view PO Information.
  2. The Filter Options page will display various search criteria to view the desired PO information. 
  3. Please note that you may have to modify the dispatched From / To date range, in order to view older POs. 
  4. You must click the Search button, in order to view any POs meeting the selection criteria.
  5. You may download POs by clicking on the grid in the upper left hand corner. 
  6. You may view purchase order details by clicking on the desired purchase order number.
    • Note: The PO Details screen displays the PO Number, PO Status, PO Merchandise Amt, Freight/Tax/Misc amount, and the PO line details. 
  7. Click the line number link to view line details. 
    • Note: Invoice List displays all invoices applied to the PO. 
  8. In the Invoice column, click the invoice number link to view the invoice details.
    • Note: The Invoice Details screen displays: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Gross Amount, Due Date or Payment Date, and the invoice Line details. 
  9. Click the link at the bottom to return to the Purchase Order Details screen.

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