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Review Supplier Invoices and Payments in the MSupplier Portal

Navigation: eSettlements > Supplier Portal Login >

This job aid provides information on how to review invoice and payment information in the system. 

Important Information: You can only view transactions for your Supplier ID.


  1. Click Review Payment Information to view the following navigation collection.
  2. From this navigation collection, you may review Invoices, Payments or Account Balances.
  3. Enter search criteria to review the desired invoices. 
  4. In the From Invoice Number and To Invoice Number boxes, type a range of invoice numbers to query. 
  5. In the Item ID or Supplier Item ID box, type the supplier item ID from your invoice file.
    • Note: Item ID queries can only be used for orders generated through the M-Pathways Inventory System.
  6. In the From Date and To Date boxes, type an appropriate date range to view the desired invoices. 
  7. In the From Amount and To Amount boxes, type a range of invoice amounts to query. 
  8. From the Approval Status drop-down list, select a specific payment voucher status: Approved, Denied or Pending. 
  9. Click Search.
    • Note: If you query on a range of criteria, a list of matching invoices and credit memos display. The Total count is in the upper right hand corner of the results panel. To sort the results by a specific column, click on the header link.
  10. To change the criteria, click on the Set filter options link. 
  11. To see specific invoice details, in the Invoice Number column, click the invoice number link. 
    • Note: The voucher number displays in the Voucher column. This number is a U-M generated payment request transaction ID.
  12.  In the Payment Status field, the invoice payment status shown is the same as on the payment voucher. 
  13. Under the Invoice Line Details section, the invoice information displayed is what is on the payment voucher. 
  14. The supplier item ID number is displayed in the Item ID column.
  15. Scroll down to view the Payment Schedule. 
  16. Under the Payments Made, the Reference number or check number will be displayed at the time of payment. Click the Reference number link to view additional payment information. 
  17. If the invoice is referencing a Purchase Order (PO), click the Purchase Order link to view the line details as they appear on the original PO. 
  18. Under Receipts, information may be populated from a few customers who receive their orders through the M-Pathways system. This is not required for invoice payment 
  19. Click the Return to Invoice Details link to return to the Invoice Line Details table.
  20. To review payments, enter the appropriate search criteria. 
  21. You may query using the following options:  
    1. In the Invoice Number box, type an invoice number.  
    2. In the Payment Reference box, type the payment reference number (check number).  
    3. In the From Payment Date and To Payment Date boxes, select a date range. 
  22. Click Search.
    • Note: The payment results will show each invoice included on a specific payment with the payment date and total payment reference amount. 
  23. In the Reference column, click the payment reference number link to view payment details.
  24. Enter the appropriate criteria to view specific payment information, and click Search.
  25. The total amount of outstanding invoices is displayed on the screen, with a list of related invoices. 
  26. You may review invoice information by clicking on the desired invoice number.
  27. Click Invoices to view the following navigation collection. 
  28. From this navigation collection, you may manage your bills, review payment installments, view receivables aging, and review your balance.
  29. Enter the appropriate search criteria and click search to view your invoices. 
  30. You may click on a specific invoice to view information regarding approval status and payment terms. 
  31. You may also click on the bell icon to view a presentation of the invoice.
  32. Enter the appropriate search criteria and click search to view payment information. Please note that the Buyer must be UMICH when you add additional search criteria.
  33. This screen provides a current aging overview. 
  34. This screen provides an overview of the outstanding balance. You may also search specifically for amounts “In Dispute”. You may click on the amount in the Gross Amount field in order to query invoices in dispute.

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