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This job aid shows how to upload a flat file (*.dat) to eSettlements. 

Important Information  

  • The flat file must be in the *.dat format. If you attempt to upload any other file type you will receive an error message.  
  • You cannot upload a file with the same name as a previously uploaded file. The recommended file naming format is SUPPLIERNAME_DATE_SEQNO.dat. For example: SupplierName_20110124_001.dat


  1. Click on the Upload Invoice File tile.
  2. Click Attach.
  3. Click Browse and select your .dat file from your C:\ or network drive. The file name displays in the Browse search box (not shown in the image to the left).
  4. Click Upload. 
    • Note: The person uploading the file receives an email message confirming that the file upload is successful.
    • Note: The grid displays all files uploaded but not processed.
  5. The File Status values are:  
    • X = canceled processing  
    • P = pending processing 
  6. Enter Y (Yes) in the Do Not Process column to cancel the file processing. 
  7. You must click Save to cancel a file load. 
  8. To view the uploaded file (optional), click View. A new browser window opens to display the flat file data.

System Processing of uploaded files:  

  • The system batch process runs three times a day (Monday-Friday), processing all files in Pending status. All persons with the SUPPLIER USER role receive an email message when the file(s) are processed.  
  • Processed files will not appear in the grid.  
  • Invoice Processing times: 
    • Mon. – Fri. 4 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 6 p.m. Saturday 12:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m.

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