This is a strategic contract for Sanger sequencing services, oligos and gene fragments. 
Samples for Sanger sequencing ship from UM drop-boxes free of charge with results delivered electronically. 
   Free next day and overnight shipping on oligos and gene fragments except for wet orders which are subject to dry ice charges outlined below:

•    Less than 1 plate - $50      
•    1 plate- $70
•    >1 plate – based on weight (Typically $70-$100)


Ordering Information

Orders may be placed by logging into Marketsite

Click this link for detailed instructions on how to place Sanger Sequencing orders.

Special orders for products that are unable to be placed through M-marketsite will require ePro requisitions generated in M-Pathways.  To place a special order, contact the University of Michigan Contract Administrator listed in the Procurement Contacts section.

Shipping & Handling

Free Shipping

Supplier Contact

Jessica Rhine
Director of Academic/Government Sales 
Cell: 301-356-3402

Dustin Perry
Customer Support
Phone: 1-800-688-2248
Fax: (251) 252-7794 

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
    Name: David Gilbert
    Phone: (734) 615-9304  

Procurement Agent:
    Name: Kelly Pavlica
    Phone: (734) 615-8767