Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

Small Business

This is a strategic contract with a small business for oligonucleotides/custom DNA synthesis.

Purchasing Guidelines

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed by logging into M-marketsite.

Shop M-marketsite:

Browse M-marketsite and/or create a shopping cart

Create M-marketsite order

How to use M-marketsite

Users can also place orders by e-mail at

Oligonucleotides/custom DNA synthesis orders can be placed using an easy order form.

PCards are not accepted

Shipping & Handling

Free standard shipping.

Supplier Contact

For Customer Service and Order Placement, contact:
Kyle Marlin, Senior Customer Care Advocate
Phone: (800) 328-2661 ext. 8349
Fax: (319) 626-8466

University of Michigan Sales Representative:
Tamara Wolff, Inside Sales
Phone: (319) 626-9697
Fax: (319) 626-8466

​To check order status:

  • Log into M-Pathways and click on the IDT icon
  • Click on "Order History”
  • Enter the sales order number, the M-marketsite PO number or the IDT reference number of the order

If you cannot find the order status, call Customer Service at (800) 328-2661. Provide the sales order number, researcher name, date of order or PO number.


Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator:
Name: David Gilbert
Phone: (734) 615-9304

Procurement Agent:
Jim Kozich
Phone: (734) 615-0515