Xerox Corporation

Xerox is a strategic supplier for multi-function copiers & printers. This agreement with Xerox provides printing, copying, and scanning as a service with no time commitments on hardware, and pricing based strictly on your actual usage. All services provided by...

Konica Minolta Business Solutions

Konica Minolta is no longer the strategic supplier for multifunction copiers & printers. If you currently have a lease agreement with Konica Minolta, it will remain in effect until expired, or until your device is replaced. All current lease agreements include...

JEM Tech Group

This is a strategic contract with a small, woman-owned business for computer peripheral products. This includes keyboards, mice, and other products. JEM provides many Energy Star products.


This is a strategic contract for Apple computer hardware, computer peripheral products and includes items such as hard drives and cases. See how CDW-Gis committed to going green and see its Energy Star products.