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Xerox Corporation

Supplier ID: 0000008089

Categories: Multifunction Copiers and Printers, Office Copier and Printing Equipment, Office Services, Equipment and Supplies

Social Impact Categories: Sustainable Purchasing, USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

This is a University-Wide Agreement for use with multi-function copiers & printers.

Xerox is a strategic supplier for use with multi-function copiers & printers. This agreement with Xerox provides printing, copying, and scanning as a service with no time commitments on hardware, and pricing based strictly on your actual usage. All services provided by Xerox, including needs assessments, installation, maintenance service, toner, staples, and toner recycling are included in the cost-per-page price of $0.0165 cents for black and white images and $0.059 cents for color images.

For general questions about Xerox MFDs and the installation process, or to schedule a Xerox assessment of your unit’s print needs, order a new device, or replace an existing device, please email [email protected]. Your message will reach the Xerox representatives who will recommend the right new Xerox MFD model and place your order with the Xerox Implementation Team. If you have questions about a scheduled Xerox, or a recent Xerox installation, or have a need for general assistance, please e-mail [email protected].

Important Xerox Billing Information

Xerox Purchase Program

Xerox network printers and multi-functions are now available for purchase for low volume offices (under 1000 pages per month), units in off-site leased locations, limited number of users, or where a device is still otherwise deemed a necessity. No home delivery is allowed for this program. Access this program through the Xerox icon in the Office Supplies/Computer category within M-Marketsite. This is a convenient, forms-based purchase direct from Xerox, you will have ownership of the equipment, but the supplies and services are covered under our current Xerox program contract.

The Purchase Program includes the following:

  • One time purchase price – you will own the equipment
  • Monthly cost per page billed to your short code for service and supplies

A4 Purchase Program Overview

Xerox Devices


B410 & B600 (Black/White printer)

C410 (Color Printer)

B415, C415 (Color Printer & Desktop MFD)

*Intended for customers printing/copying under 1000 pages per month
Xerox DevicePurchase PricingService/Supply Pricing
B410 (B/W Printer)$751.00$.0165 B/W (Service & Supplies)
C410 (Color Printer)$820.00$.0165 B/W (Service & Supplies)
$.059 Color
B415 (B/W MFD)$868.00$.0165 B/W (Service & Supplies)
C415 (Color MFD)$1,170.00$.0165 B/W (Service & Supplies)
$.059 Color
B600 (B/W Printer)$1,019.00$.0165 B/W (Service & Supplies)

For Service and Supplies on your Xerox Device Xerox Purchase Program Process 

To place a request for service or order supplies for your Xerox MFD, please contact the Xerox Help Desk at (855) 249-4213 or login through the Xerox Services Portal to open a ticket. When calling for service, Xerox will remind you to inform you IT Help Desk that a service technician will be on-site to service your device.

To Review your Xerox Device Billing History and Most Recent Service Call

To Schedule Removal of a Konica Minolta Device
To request your Konica device be removed, please fill out the UM Return of Konica Equipment form and follow the instructions below.


  • Once you have a confirmed install date from Xerox, complete and submit this document to Konica, with a removal of at least 3 days after the install date.
  • Use comments if special access is required to remove the Konica equipment (card access, secure area).
  • Add your unit name to the filename where indicated before saving the file.
  • Attach this as an Excel file, not a .pdf and email to  [email protected].

Xerox Recycling – Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Xerox Products

If you have not logged into the Xerox Services Portal previously, you can self-register by filling in your name, user name and email address.

Please be sure to visit the Xerox Services Portal. There is a “Training” tab with links to self-guided training presentations for each of the Xerox MFD models and focused how-to documents for users of the Xerox MFDs. In addition, for IT support personnel, there is an “IT Solutions” tab with links to technical bulletins, the latest Xerox drivers, and other useful information.

Once in the portal, click on the Additional Information Tab, for links to Xerox MFD device support for:

  • Devices specific to University of Michigan
  • Support Documents


  • M-Marketsite
  • ShortCode

Xerox is now available to provide services to all Ann Arbor academic and administrative units, Dearborn and Flint campus units and including all Michigan Medicine units.

To schedule a consultation with Xerox to assess your print needs, order a new device or to replace an existing device, please call or email:

Xerox Client Manager

Linda Bruhn
[email protected]

Please visit the Xerox Green World Alliance page for additional information on toner returns, printing a return label, recycling your toner, scheduling toner pickup and ordering boxes.

*To order supplies or service on your Xerox MFD, contact the Xerox HelpDesk at (855) 249-4213, available 24/7 to assist.  

Please have the following information available when calling the Xerox HelpDesk:

  • Xerox Serial Number or Asset Tag Number (These numbers are available on the Xerox label on the front, or top of your MFD) *Helpful hint – take a picture of this label with your phone.
  • Contact information of the person calling.

Xerox Services Portal 

  • Request service or supplies for your Xerox MFD, located on the service and supplies tab.
  • Request a move, change, removal of your Xerox MFDs or request an additional device. Refer to the Move, Add, Change and Dispose (MACD) tab.
  • Review information about the multi-function devices (MFDs) available from Xerox, located on the Technology tab.

Additional Information


Equipment Request Form (MACD): To Move, Add, Change or Delete a Xerox device within your deparment.

MACD Request Form Instructions

MACD Request Form

NOTE: Links below are also available on the Xerox Services Portal under the Training and IT Solutions tabs.

Training Documents for MFD’s specific to the University of Michigan:

78xx Leave Behind (all other locations)

78xx Leave Behind (Campus – MiWorkspace – ITS)

78xx Leave Behind (Michigan Medicine – HITS)

5755 Leave Behind (all other locations)

5755 Leave Behind (Campus – MiWorkspace – ITS)

5755 Leave Behind (Michigan Medicine – HITS)

B80xx Leave Behind (all other locations)

B80xx Leave Behind (Campus – MiWorkspace – ITS)

B80xx Leave Behind (Michigan Medicine – HITS)

C80xx Leave Behind (all other locations)

C80xx Leave Behind (Campus – MiWorkspace – ITS)

C80xx Leave Behind (Michigan Medicine – HITS)

C405 Leave Behind (all other locations)

C405 Leave Behind (Campus – MiWorkspace – ITS)

C405 Leave Behind (Michigan Medicine – HITS)  

Training Documents for the Brainshark 88000 specific to MI Medicine:

Support Documents:

AltaLink – A New Way to Print Color

Driver Settings – Color Image Quality (PostScript)

Enable Edit Local Address Book at Device

Enable Edit Local Address Book via Web

Local Address Book – Importing Contacts 

Supplier Contacts:

To schedule a consultation with Xerox to assess your print needs, order a new device or to replace an existing device, please call or email our Xerox Senior Client Manager:
Linda Bruhn
[email protected]

For questions regarding pending Xerox implementations, please contact the Xerox Implementation Team via email or phone:
[email protected]

For technical questions on your Xerox device, please contact our Xerox DocuCare Associate:
Terrence Delaney
Docu Care Associate
Xerox Corporation
Phone: (248) 379-8164
[email protected]

For billing questions, service calls and post Xerox installation issues, please contact our Xerox Account Operations Manager:
Brandon Corbin
Service Delivery Manager, Americas Operations
Phone: (312) 292-1872
[email protected]

Procurement Contacts:

Print & Professional Services Team