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AVI Foodsystems

Categories: Beverages, Coffee Service and Supply Products, Food, Beverage and Catering

Social Impact Categories: USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

This is a strategic contract for break-room coffee service and related items including tea, cups, creamer, juice, water, soda, snacks, and other break-room products for use by authorized university employees. There is university contract pricing for all items available. AVI processes and delivers university orders from their Jackson, MI distribution center.

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Call AVI at517-789-5540or email[email protected]

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Additional Information

AVI is an eSettlements supplier. Invoices will appear on your SOA as a non-PO voucher. You must have an AVI account number to purchase products. If your unit would like more information about setting up an account, contact the university Contract Administrator.

Supplier Contacts:

Contact AVI at 517-789-5540

Procurement Contacts:

General Goods & Services Team