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Beckman Coulter

Categories: Equipment and Apparatus, Lab and Research

Social Impact Categories: USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

Beckman Coulter has a contract via a Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC) contract for ‘pricing only’ on laboratory supplies.

Purchasing Guidelines

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.


  • Purchase Order

Orders should be placed via ePro Requisition, refer MLSPC Agreement #MLSPC-1002.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping charges apply

Supplier Contacts:

For general customer service contact:

Phone:(800) 526-3821

Fax:(866) 866-9826

For pricing inquiries, contact:

Mark Thompson, Laboratory Account Sales Consultant

Procurement Contacts:

Research Team