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Bio-Rad Laboratories

Categories: Equipment and Apparatus, Lab and Research

Social Impact Categories: USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

This is a strategic contract for proteomics, genomic products, and equipment.

Purchasing Guidelines

Follow the equipment ordering procedure for the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.


  • M-Marketsite
  • ShortCode

To place an order, log in to M-Marketsite.


Browse M-Marketsite and/or create a shopping cart

Create M-Marketsite order

How to use M-Marketsite

Orders may also be placed by phone or email using a shortcode:
(800) 424-6723
[email protected]

Bio-Rad AbD Serotec. Effective February 1, 2020, Bio-Rad AbD Serotec orders should be placed directly through Bio-Rad by phone or email using a short code. The AbD Serotec products have not been incorporated into the Bio-Rad M-Marketsite catalog yet, but that is anticipated to occur in the near future. The Bio-Rad AbD Serotec supplier record (supplier ID 0000603325) is being closed for new orders in M-Pathways and should no longer be used.

Some Bio-Rad products are available for purchase through the Biomedical Research Stores.

PCards are not accepted.

Clinical Diagnostics Group:This division is not part of this contract. Orders for this division need to be placed via ePro requisition through M-Pathways using supplier ID 0000307557.

Shipping & Handling

Standard Shipping

For orders $0 – $199, the customer pays freight, which is discounted at 50% off.

For orders $200 – $2,799, standard shipping is free.

For orders $2,800 and higher, customer pays freight, which is discounted at 50% off.

Additional charges apply for expedited delivery. Customers pay freight charges for equipment deliveries.

Hazardous Materials Charge $5 for blue ice

Supplier Contacts:

For sales related questions and assistance:
Account Manager Walt Kliza
(800) 876-3425 Ext 8544
[email protected]

System Specialist Derek Najarian
(800) 876-3425 Ext 8510
[email protected]

For customer service:
Bio-Rad Customer Service
(800) 876-3425

For assistance with billing issues:
Rekha Sharma
(800) 876-3425 Ext 6915
[email protected]

To check an order status:
Contact customer service at (800) 424-6723 with the order confirmation number to check M-Marketsite order status.

Procurement Contacts:

Research Team