Cryogenic Gases

Cryogenic Gases has a strategic contract for Cryogenic gases, specialty mixed gases and liquid nitrogen dewars. All hazardous gases are considered a restricted commodity. Please see Purchasing Guidelines for details. For more information on Cryogenic Gases, visit Cryogenic Gases.

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

All purchases: Email a copy of the quote, the HAZARDOUS GAS AUTHORIZATION FORM, and the shortcode to and wait for approval prior to purchase.

Hazardous Gases Program: In order to provide a safe U-M research environment, EHS has instituted a program with U-M Procurement Services which requires approval for specific hazardous gas purchases. Approval must be obtained to purchase the following gases in cylinders larger than a lecture bottle: carbon monoxide, chlorine, fluorine, hydrides (arsine, disilane, diborane, germane, phosphine, and silane), hydrogen, and toxic (NFPA health rating of 3 or 4). Oxygen over 25% also requires approval. Beyond this approval process, all hazardous gases must be used in compliance with NFPA 45 and NFPA 55. Under no circumstance should a researcher purchase more than a 1 year supply of any gas.

Contact EHSfor additional information.

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Buyers should familiarize themselves with instructions on how to order these gases and program details to purchase.

Cryogenic Gases offers 24-hour delivery on most products.

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University Contract

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Amy Matyszewski

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Nick Eagle

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