Henry Schein

Henry Schein has a strategic contract for all types of dental supplies, and general lab supplies.

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

Order by logging into M-Marketsite.

Shop M-Marketsite:

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How to use M-Marketsite?

For items not in M-Marketsite, you can pay by contacting:
Janie Dodge
Phone: (702) 364-9740

Note: Veterinary supplies are not available for ordering on M-Marketsite.

Henry Schein Animal Health should be placed via ePro requisition in M-Pathways using supplier ID number 0000596184.

Free standard shipping.

Shipping charges are applied for “special shipping arrangements” or “hazardous materials”. Verify costs with Henry Schein before placing orders.

Delivery within 24-48 hours

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

For general inquiries, including product and ordering, contact:
Katherine Miller
Phone: (734) 323-1224

Lauren Schuler
Phone: (631) 454-3687

Account Manager:
Brande Armstrong
Phone: (352) 478-5586

Dental Store Operations Manager:
Derri Donahue
Phone: (856) 809-0949

Dental Stores Account Representative:
Karen Finnegan
Phone: (800) 488-6113 ext. 3049

Procurement Contacts:

Research Team procurement.research@umich.edu