Medline products are available through an Educational & Institutional (E&I) Cooperative Service purchasing agreement for medical and surgical supplies.

To place an order login to M-Marketsite

Order via ShortCode

PCards are not accepted

Free standard shipping. Exceptions include:

• Emergency orders.

• Lab delivery of capital equipment.

• 55-gallon drums.

• Live materials.

Users can also call the supplier at (800) 633-5463 and use their short code. Some Medline products are available for purchase through the Biomedical Research Stores.

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

For Customer Service:

Phone: (800) 633-5463


For Sales Related Questions and Assistance:

Matthew Hendricks

Regional Sales Manager- Education and Research

Phone: (616) 318-3869


To Check the Status of an Order:

Russ Harrison

Education and Research Representative

Phone: (800) 817-2926 ext. 6368277


For Billing Related Issues:

Juan Rodriguez

AR Specialist

Phone: (847) 949-2001


Procurement Contacts:

Research Team

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