U-M uses the Concur Expense Tool, accessible through Wolverine Access, for employee business expense reconciliation, including both PCard and out-of-pocket expenses. Learn recommended best practices and helpful hints to improve your Concur experience while building expense reports.

Tip: For easy access to Concur, favorite the “Expense Reporting: Concur” tile in Wolverine Access.

Best Practices

Submitting Reports

It is recommended to submit 1-2 expense reports per month. You can continue to add transactions to the same report and submit once a month. Out-of-pocket business expenses can be submitted more frequently to ensure timely reimbursement to the employee. Whenever possible, combine these expenses into a single report.

Business expenses, including both PCard and out-of-pocket transactions (cash or personal credit/debit card), should be submitted on an expense report for approval within 45 days of the transaction date. For travel expenses, an expense report should be submitted for approval within 45 days following the last day of the trip.

Managing Receipts

1) Upload to Concur

  • Receipts can be uploaded to Concur from your computer. The system accepts PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, and PNG files.

2) E-Receipts

  • E-Receipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of a scanned or attached receipt. Employees are able to receive e-receipts for transactions from travel suppliers who have an e-receipt agreement with Concur. 
  • Employees must enable e-receipts in their Concur profile.

3) Capture Receipts With Mobile

  • Take photos of your receipts with the Concur app on your mobile device, which will automatically be uploaded to your Concur Receipt Store for assignment to expense reports.

4) Receipt Store

  • Activate and register for the Receipt Store to file receipts for future use.  Along with your photos taken with a mobile device, receipts can also be sent to [email protected].
  • Employees must verify their email address in Concur to use this feature.
Hotel Itemization

When itemizing hotel expenses, enter the arrival and departure dates, enter a room rate, room tax, and any other daily additional charges (e.g., parking, internet). Make sure to mark any non-business expenses as personal (e.g. room service, movie rentals, mini bar, etc.). If daily rates vary, you can update or delete the corresponding expense line. 


Per Diem

If you are claiming per diem in a report, click “Yes” in the dialog box that appears when creating a new expense report. The box states, “Are you including a request to be reimbursed for per diem expenses in this report?

Complete the New Itinerary Stop pane for each leg of your trip in the pop-up box. If this is a single day trip, skip this section and click, Go To Single Day Itineraries at the bottom of the pop-up box.


Multiple Approver Processes

Since multiple approvers may be required for certain expense reports, units should document who in their unit is an authorized approver, which expenses each approver is authorized to approve and which employee’s expenses they are authorized to approve (see the Employee Travel & Expense Internal Control guidance for further information and resources). By developing this documented approval process, each approver then becomes an “authorized approver” as stated in the approver attestation in Concur.

If approval is required from multiple units (e.g., for joint appointments), units should develop and agree on similar review and approval business processes. For example, unit administrators may want to be approvers for any expense report that has charges on their shortcode(s), regardless of the faculty or staff member’s administrative home unit.

The employee is responsible for bringing forward or communicating any potential conflict of commitment or conflict of interest activities that may arise.

Concur Mobile App

Concur Mobile is designed to enhance the expense reporting process. Use it to capture receipts and record expenses while traveling. 

To begin using the mobile app, register in your Concur profile and download the app to your mobile device from the app store. To learn more, check out the Concur Mobile App Guide.

  • Capture and upload receipts with your camera
  • Create expense lines or reports
  • Add and update per diem
  • Update existing reports

The mobile app should not be used for itemizing expenses, changing expense types on existing expense lines, submitting expense reports, or approving expense reports.

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Training and how-to materials for using Concur are available in MyLinc. You must be logged in to MyLinc for the links below to work.

  • TEE101 U-M Concur Travel & Expense Report Training – This one hour eLearning course provides information for any U-M employee (or their delegate) on how to create expense reports in Concur.
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