Purchasing Card (PCard)

PCard Eligibility

In order to apply for a PCard, you must be either a faculty or staff member with a regular appointment. PCards are recommended for employees who:

  • engage in frequent business travel or business travel of an extended duration (or book travel for others)
  • engage in business hosting, recruitment, or development activities
  • engage in purchasing activities where other procurement methods are not available

Unit responsibilities

Units determine who may be good candidates for a PCard. Units are responsible for making applicants aware of the risks associated with being a PCard holder, such as fraud or misuse.

Units should monitor their employees’ PCard use to ensure that credit limits are appropriate and in line with spending needs. The business objects report FN06 Procurement Travel & Expense PCard Holder & Limits by DeptID, Dept Grp, or EmplID is a recommended management tool.

NOTE: The PCard may NOT be used for personal purchases, nor should it be used by anyone other than the PCard holder.

Resources for PCard users

Procurement has resources available to assist with university travel questions, expensing PCard transactions, and policy related to PCard use:

Refer to SPG 507.01 Procurement General Policies and Procedures for guidance related to purchasing for the University