VWR International, LLC

This is a secondary strategic contract for general lab and research supplies. This supplier should be used in the event that an item is not available with U-M’s primary supplier, Fisher Scientific. This supplier participates in many green initiatives including:...

The Baker Company

The Baker Company has a contract via a Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC) for lab equipment. This is a “pricing only” contract. Please see The Baker Company list of products.

Qiagen, Inc.

This is a strategic contract for molecular biology laboratory supplies with a focus on DNA, RNA, proteomics, molecular diagnostics, and laboratory automation products.


Medline products are available through an Educational & Institutional (E&I) Cooperative Service purchasing agreement for medical and surgical supplies.

Linde, LLC

Linde, LLC has a strategic contract for bulk liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. This supplier also supports a sustainable environment, consistent with U-M’s values.

Fisher Scientific

This is a primary strategic contract for laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services for research, safety, health care, and science education. As Fisher Scientific has many green initiatives, please see the Sustainable Purchasing section to learn more and...

D.A.I. Scientific Equipment

D.A.I. Scientific Equipment has a small business contract via a Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC) contract for “pricing only” scientific equipment.

Dot Scientific

This is a strategic contract with a small, woman-owned business for general lab and research supplies.


This is a small-business secondary strategic contract for molecular biology, protein chemistry, cell biology, and other related laboratory products for use by authorized university employees. Orders should be placed if items are not available through Fisher...